Shipping policy


A shipment normally takes 6-15 business days to arrive, please refer to the table below for location specific shipping times to international destinations. Continent Shipping time North America 6-12 Business days Europe 7-10 Business days Austalia & New Zealand 7-12 Business days Asia 9-17 Business days Africa 15-32 Business days South America 15-32 Business days


The product processing time depends on the time frame of the quality check, the packaging and also on the store contingent of the individual product. Normally this process takes 2-4 business days.

Please make sure your shipping address information is entirely correct to ensure a faster, safer delivery! If your address is incomplete, we will promptly contact you for a corrected address and will not ship your p a c k a g e u n til w e h e a r b a c k f r o m y o u in o r d e r t o a v oid d ela y s a n d lo s t p a c k a g e s.